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Shine Ya Light

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

What's good #Royalty?? I know, I needa get my shit together n be more on time with these #blogs. That's on me!

This week I'ma talk a lil bit about shining that beautiful light inside of you, which is that #positivity you have waiting to burst out and the actions you take that #inspire those around you. There's a saying that goes, "There's nothing #enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. As you #shineyourlight you subconsciously invite others to do the same."

Here's an example of how some of us #musicians in #prison shine our light through the darkness. There's a group of about 6-8 of us that are #singers/#rappers/musicians. We got a guy named Diablo who sings, raps, and plays the #guitar. There's a guy called Frost who raps and plays the #drums on 2 buckets with a couple hangers which sounds incredible. We got my homie Q, a dude named Dante, TJ, and me who all sing and rap.

Then there's an amazing singer/guitarist called AZ. A few days ago we all got together in the TV room and put on a lil #performance. We did about 20-25 songs and blew the roof off! We got some amazing shit. I even did one of my songs, "Nothin' Special" n everybody liked it so much they asked me to perform it about 3 more times. I think it's all about finding that something you love and are #passionate about and using it as a #positive outlet. You'll be happily surprised when you see and feel the #uplifting effects of shining your light for the world!

Here's a lil song I wrote recently called Shine Ya Light:

I'm bout to shine my light

Yeah Ima shine my light now

It's time to shine ya light

Ya betta shine ya light now

I am not your hitta

n you are not my bitch nah

I'm not your man anymore uh

n you are not my girl nah

Shit crazy, felt like we'd never part

Now we split up n I made through the dark

Never thought I'd be this happy on my own, but I'm on

Cloud 9, never felt this strong, without our old bond

But you know what I'm gifted Ima shine my whole light

Through the pitch blackness I stay bright all night

If you like a big boss then you just my type

N my whole entire family, you comin' with me right?

We don't need no bitch to love us cuz the music is our wife

Don't need validation cuz the whip is out there parked

Keep a great attitude you gon' have to go through strife

We gon' make it through the fire cuz the blunt already sparked

I'm glad we got together I ain't got a single doubt

I'm glad we broke apart n it never worked out

I'm glad I did that crime, got them years on my belt

I'm better off than when I came in, I'm boutta get out

I am not your hitta

n you are not my bitch nah

I'm not your man anymore uh

n you are not my girl nah

I'm bout to shine my light

Yeah I'ma shine my light now

It's time you shine ya light

Ya betta shine ya light now

I hope y'all in Duval will come out and support my mama. She'll be representing Cashout Kings Lifestyle at the Sneakers and Clothes Pop Up at 4747 San Juan on Dec. 4 from 3:00 - 9:30. Get your tickets here (or at the door) and go tell my mama what's up!

Peace, love, n God Bless!!

Sage Martin AKA Youngsta Bleezy, CEO

Cashout Kings, LLC

PO Box 1836, St. Augustine, FL 32085

(904) 650-8366

Institution: ST. Anthony Work Center General Housing

Inmate ID # 137391

125 N 8th West, St. Anthony, ID 83445

You can reach me directly on the JPay app

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