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Stop killing each other!!!

What's good everybody? Bleezy here n I'm back after a few weeks of silence on my part. I won't lie, I wasn't feeling the #blog anymore for a minute and had nothing too important speak on. However, since it's been a while, I do have some new ideas and discussions I've been contemplating. And I'd love to hear feedback and have discussions with any of y'all who subscribe to our #positive #lifestyle brand.

I've been watching a show 50 Cent produces called Hip Hop Homicides and it brings up some extremely valid points and issues in our country's #communities. It's got me thinking about my own song #lyrics and the types of words I put out there into the universe. Got me thinking about positive #growth again. I'd like to echo that thought process here and hopefully get you guys thinking too.

We're seeing more and more #rappers get murdered, more frequently in recent years. These rappers are real life street #gangsters, #hitters, on the drill daily. And it seems like there's a huge disregard for human #life. Rappers like this are targets in their active #hoods. So it's like a trophy for their opposition to come "up the score" n take their lives.

#Gangstas don't fight anymore, they shoot it out and kill each other. I ain't total square though, I'm not against killing if you HAVE to, to protect your family or your own life. But I'm against killing over petty issues. For the #clout. Over jealousy or hate. Wars over territory. Baby mamas. Messing around with someone's girl.

Nothing wrong with speaking on the negative shit, it's necessary. I'm gonna do my part and avoid spreading negative messages that promote murdering each other and continue to attempt to spread positive messages in the songs I write which will become the #music I #record and #release into the world. The words you regularly speak will become reality so watch what you say. Same with your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

Speaking of recording music, I recorded a #song over the prison phone and am hoping it gets engineered and layered onto the beat soon so we can drop the song. Ironically, the song is called "Kill Me". As in, yeah, kill me cuz I've made all these mistakes, crucify me but let me tell my side of the story.

If everything goes the way I plan I should be able to record and release a few songs from the #prison phones over the next few months! I've also been campaigning to get a music room in our facility so all of us music #artists here have the ability to record the incredible songs we've been #creating over the months. We do some amazing shit with our #vocals along with homie on the acoustic #guitar. I'd love for us to be able to showcase our talents.

I put together a list of inmates who want a music room and am correlating with a CO who's actually a cool ass dude (never thought I'd say that shit in my life, but he told me he's done shit in his past but never was caught and truly wanted to be a prison guard to help make a positive impact). Anyway, as of today he's got the list of names from my petition and he's going to speak with the warden about getting us a room with some equipment. The cool part is, this CO does #podcasts and YouTube #videos, so he has all the necessary equipment and software that he's willing to bring in for us to use. All because he loves the music we make and wants to see more of us doing positive activities.

I'm gonna feel really #proud if we're able to make this #change in the facility for musicians that come here after us!

I want to apologize for stating months ago that my book, Incarcerated Paper Chaser, would be out by November 1st. Things didn't work out that way, but I can say that it's all typed up now and we're doing the final edits and it will be published on Amazon after the new year. Then we'll put it in our online store for you to check out. I'll keep y'all posted.

Another cool thing we're doing is collaborating with #Shenku Boxing in #Jacksonville, Florida. I love what Dr. Mitchel is doing with prison reform and providing a positive outlet for anger and violence. He promotes putting guns down and picking gloves up and it's an inspiring message that respects life and supports positive growth. I definitely want to take some classes at Shenku Boxing when I get out on parole and move down to Florida!

I go in front of the parole board in March, so I'm working on solidifying my parole plan, verifying my housing, employment, aftercare treatment, and I'm focusing on my goals and planning next steps.

Deciding what's most important for me to #accomplish starting right now so I can continue to grow, push myself to work harder, have more #discipline and live the best life I can live and #CONQUER it. 'Cause I'm a muthafuckin' CASHOUT #KING and that's my LIFESTYLE! The brand I created and what I represent and will continue to promulgate and build into something good hearted, caring, aware, intellectual, hardworking people like you can support for years and years to come cuz we ain't going nowhere. Never quit, give up, fold, or break. We ain't built like that. We're street tough.

Til next time royalty!

Peace, love, and God bless your life.

Oh yeah, welcome home Brittney Griner!

Sage Martin AKA Youngsta Bleezy, CEO

Cashout Kings, LLC

PO Box 1836, St. Augustine, FL 32085

(904) 650-8366

Institution: St. Anthony Work Center General Housing

Inmate ID # 137391

125 N 8th West, St. Anthony, ID 83445

You can reach me directly on the JPay app

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