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Incarcerated Paper Chaser

What up fam!? Another Sunday, another blog post. Hope everything's good and y'all are staying up! Lotta stuff happening this week for @CashoutKingsLifestyle. My #book Incarcerated Paper Chaser is scheduled to be published in the next couple days. Our basketball sneakers, the Paper Chasers, a mid-top inspired by classic Nike Air Jordan's and Air Force One's, are available for pre-order TONIGHT!!! Check 'em out if you're a sneaker-head. These shoes are for those of you who stay G'd up from the feet steppin' on the pavement day by day hustlin' for that paper! Subscribers get 10% off your first order! Subscribe at

Cashout Kings Lifestyle will also be featured in a The Las Vegas Experience Fashion Show in Waycross, Georgia in 6 days, November 5th! We'll post videos and pictures from the event on all of our social media.

My hope is that all this work I been puttin' in from behind bars inspires others to pursue their passions and follow their dreams! Let's conquer life together!

Til next week

Peace, love, n God Bless

Sage Martin AKA Youngsta Bleezy, CEO

Cashout Kings, LLC

PO Box 1836, St. Augustine, FL 32085

(904) 650-8366

Institution: Idaho State Correctional Center

Inmate ID # 137391

PO Box 70010, Boise, ID 83707

You can reach me directly on the JPay app

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