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Somethin' for the Queens

Hey y'all... Imma direct this message n speak to the #Queens. What up Queens? How y'all doin'? Ah yeah, but first I wanna thank everybody who's been reading this weekly blog and following us on social media. We currently have almost 400 followers in only three weeks that we've been active! And a huge thank you to @KayLauriceConsulting, our social media manager/marketer for inspiring this growth to our positive lifestyle brand.

Next I want to reveal that my fellow #incarcerated artist Robin Crisler has drawn a few designs for us that say:

1) Cashout Queens

2) JAX Queens

3) Duval Queen

From the beginning I always had the #ladies in mind (even though my mentor advises I stay clear of #women at this point!) Cashout Kings Lifestyle was never meant to be just for men. It's a #lifestyle for everybody so expect women's apparel from us soon! I do expect to see you Cashout Queens rockin' our current Cashout Kings #apparel, I know y'all love #beanies, #hoodies, and #joggers! How many of you be stealin' your dudes shirts and everything... don't lie! Haha.

Street Tough hoodies dropped on the website last night! These hoodies are dope af! Designed by Robin Crisler, an inmate at Idaho State Correctional Center (JPay # 113350). Rob's from Sacramento, Cali and the West Coast style reflects in the street #calligraphy and #graffiti art in his work. Show Rob some #love cuz he designed all of our new shirts, beanies, hoodies, and joggers that we'll be releasing over the next couple of weeks!

We'll be dropping matching hoodie and jogger sets every few days starting today. Check it out!

Lastly I want to address the injustice in the case of Brittney Griner. This chick, as we all know, was caught up in a Russian airport with a lil weed and is now serving time slaving in a Russian work camp. Come on, America! Let's get her home! #freeBG

Kings, Queens, #incarcerated and in the streets, we love you, we support you, you are beautiful and wonderful people we are dedicated to #inspiring and #uplifting.


My mother @heidi.egu.58726 (THE Cashout Queen, CFO) is celebrating her birthday this Tuesday the 25th! Show her all the love for me!! She's turning 35 this year 😉

'Til next week.

Peace, Love, n God Bless, from me, ya boy,

Sage Martin ALSO KNOWN AS my alias Youngsta Bleezy!

CEO of Cashout Kings Lifestyle LLC

PO Box 1836

St. Augustine, FL 32085


IG and TikTok @cashoutkingslifestyle

Institutional Information

Sage Martin #137391, Mailbox #103

St. Anthony Work Camp

125 North 8th West

St. Anthony, ID 83445

You can reach me directly on the JPay app

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