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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

That up Cashout Kings n Queens! This Youngsta Bleezy, incarcerated rapper/author, entrepreneur, CEO of Cashout Kings, LLC. We're an up & coming #luxury streetwear/positive #lifestyle brand. Our mission is to inspire the streets and our slogan is Conquer Life. Our vision is to inspire those on the streets and in prison to find their wealth (inner & monetarily). To promote financial literacy and stability, blazing your own path, becoming your best self, and living your best existence. Cashout on the life you deserve. You're already rich. It's time to collect.

Once I'm released next year I'm gonna start another company called Bleezy Entertainment and a record label, Cashout Records. My goal is to provide a platform for struggling artists to share their content. Rappers, singers, graphic artists, authors. I want to provide opportunities for talent that wants to cash out on their potential.

Another goal is to provide outreach, programs, and assistance to currently and formerly homeless and imprisoned human beings. I plan to start Cashout University to teach financial literacy, leadership skills, Law of Attraction coaching, how to start a business, and self mastery. While I'm still locked up I'll be writing a book called Against Me, plus begin work on Cashout University Vol. 1: Aggravated Mastery. Basically I want to inspire those at their lowest to learn to #succeed. Whatever success means to you, I want you to strive for that in life.

My book Incarcerated Paper Chaser is my life story, which I hope relates to those struggling with #addiction and mental health issues. It will be published on October 1st and sold on Amazon and

I hope y'all become part of the Cashout Empire and help us spread the message to Conquer Life. Don't let yourself be defeated by opposition & adversity. You deserve success as much as anybody else who's willing to put the work in to reach their lofty goals. It's your birthright. Claim it.

'Til next week,

Peace, Love, n God Bless

Sage Martin AKA Youngsta Bleezy, CEO

Cashout Kings, LLC

PO Box 1836, St. Augustine, FL 32085

(904) 650-8366

Institution: Idaho State Correctional Center

Inmate ID # 137391

PO Box 70010, Boise, ID 83707

You can reach me directly on the JPay app

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