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Where my Paper Chasers at?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Who out there's paper chasin' for real? Out there really #hustlin', pushin' their product? Not askin' y'all to dry snitch on yourself. I'm in here pushin' legal products: #shirts, #hats, #shoes, my #book. This just a roll call for hustlas workin' to make themselves #wealthy. Doing more than just workin' for someone else's company. Who's got their own shit or at least a #sidehustle? Raise your hand and let us know y'all #royalty!

You hustlin'?

  • I rule my own life, got my own business.

  • I got me a side hustle bustin'.

  • I'm 'bout to get started, I have my plan all set.

  • I got what it takes n gonna start now.

I don't know about y'all but I'm over here tryna build an #empire. I know Cashout Kings might low-key sound like a get-rich-quick pump and dump scheme. But I'm here to say, we're here to stay. By any means necessary, we're gonna fulfill our #mission, provide #quality products, programs, and platforms. Yes, we're about our #money, of course. I gotta be wealthy to do all the positive work in the #communities in this world that I'ma do.

Yeah I wanna #floss too. I won't lie. But not in an "in your face sucka" #vibe. In a way that intends to #inspire others to look at where I came from and be #motivated to know it's completely possible for them to do the same.

I've talked to quite a few people about my ideas and #plans of going #global and what I found is the majority of people I speak to are perfectly comfortable with being average. They just want to make enough money to eat every day, have a roof over their heads, pay bills, and support their #family. They don't want to strive for #abundance.

Those that do often don't see it as a #possibility so they cancel it out for themselves. I hear people say, "I wish I was #rich" or "must be nice to be rich". The same people look at me strange or think I'm holier-than-thou when I say "I'm 'bout to be a #mutlimillionaire" or "I'm rich" when the reality of the moment is that I'm #broke and serving time in #prison.

To be a #visionary is to be able to see into the #future. Life is like a game of #chess. A #master chess player looks 3-5 moves ahead and considers all #possibilities of what may happen. In the beginning you gotta be #willing to be the only one who can fully see and understand your #vision. However long it takes 'til they see you. 'Til then keep pushin' your products right up in their fuckin' face. That's the other thing, it's "outta sight outta mind" so don't ever think you can just put somethin' out and expect people to find it. You gotta #market, #promote it, eat, breathe, sleep, and #live your brand. Ya'heard?

'Til next week Kings and Queens.

Peace, love, n God Bless

Sage Martin AKA Youngsta Bleezy, CEO

Cashout Kings, LLC

PO Box 1836, St. Augustine, FL 32085

(904) 650-8366

Institution: Idaho State Correctional Center

Inmate ID # 137391

PO Box 70010, Boise, ID 83707

You can reach me directly on the JPay app

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